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Proudly Australian, and proudly supporting our rural and regional communities

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About us

This company has had a varied history, Its current form has two arms:

Our former tour operations arm (previously known as Australian Tour and Event Services) is currently inactive. We hope to revive it at some point, but to do so would take more effort than we can currently put into it as a family with young child. This part of the business existed to provide tour support services to travelling tour groups from within Australia and overseas. We also intended to run our own tours.

Our philosophies

Rural and regional communities

This country has an enormously large area that is called "Rural and Regional Australia". As residents in a smaller community (although by no means poorly off), we have become very aware of the challenges that face Australia's smaller communities. We aim to do what we can to help alleviate some of that, by donating to projects to help provide infrastructure and services to smaller communities in Australia. See our Profit Promise page for more details.


We believe that in order to provide the best value for money service we can, we have to provide our customers and clients with the best range of choice available. In doing so, we must avoid "pricing in" options that are not universally required. We have actively sought the widest possible product range we can, and it will continue to grow over time as we grow.


Where componants of a service are individually identifiable, you have the right to know exactly what it is you are paying for, and how much. On a larger scale, because of our Profit Promise we believe we are also under an obligation to our customers to provide some basic information on our profitability, and some details on what projects have been supported by the Promise. See our Open and Ethical Charter for more details.

Incorporation details:

Water Sprite Pty Ltd is a proprietary, limited liability company, registerd in Victoria, Australia but now based in Canberra, in the Australian Capital Territory.

The Key Players

The two key players and owners are Shelby Canterford, and Conrad Canterford. Their names are links to their respective home pages.


If you have any questions, and these web pages don't provide the answer, you might like to check our FAQs page. If you still don't get the answer you need, please feel free to email info(at)

Help us raise more money for community projects!

By clicking on the "aShopFor" link below, and purchasing through the huge collection of online retailers available using the links provided, those retailers pay us a contribution (the amount is listed). We are putting 100% of money raised in this way to boost money raised with our Profit Promise. You do not need to be a Water Sprite customer, or be in any other way associated with us. Feel free to pass this link on to other people (in its entirety, so the payments come back to us) to help us fundraise for rural and regional communities.

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