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Water Sprite - An Open and Ethical company.

We believe that you, our customer, are our most valuable asset. In order to protect our investment in that asset, it falls on us to make sure you are informed of anything we are doing that may impact on the service we provide to you. More importantly, though, we must provide you with a means of telling us when we aren't quite getting things right (other than through the traditional way of just taking your business elsewhere).

Our complaints handling

We have provided a dedicated complaints handling email address, at complaints(at), and we ask you to use it if you feel that we have not upheld our own high standards. This email address is read, and complaints or comments will be answered truthfully.

Supporting the Profit Promise

We will provide you, through the profit promise page on this website, with information to demonstrate that we are doing what we have committed to doing. After all, its all very good saying that we have a profit promise, but unless we provide you with information to show that promise in action, you just have to take us at our word. We will publish at least quarterly (late January, mid-April, late July, and mid-October) a summary showing the total income and expenses for those services subject to the profit promise. Once we start making donations on your behalf, we will also list where and how much was donated.


Much though we hate having to put limitations on such an important statement, we do have to ask you to remember two key points.

We are a business, and as such, we exist to make a return to our owners. We aim to do that in a manner that is fair, responsible, and value for money... BUT we are not a community service. We are very happy to discuss any situation, but at the end of the day, we cannot provide a service (either individually or collectively) for which there is no significant probability of a profit to the company in the medium to long term.

We operate in an environment that does not hold the same standards that we do. While we will do anything we reasonably can to protect you from unannounced changes, our suppliers can, and probably will on occassion, make changes with little warning. In some situations, we will have little choice but to pass those on with our apologies.

As with anything, if you feel we could have handled a situation better, please let us know through complaints(at)

Help us raise more money for community projects!

By clicking on the "aShopFor" link below, and purchasing through the huge collection of online retailers available using the links provided, those retailers pay us a contribution (the amount is listed). We are putting 100% of money raised in this way to boost money raised with our Profit Promise. You do not need to be a Water Sprite customer, or be in any other way associated with us. Feel free to pass this link on to other people (in its entirety, so the payments come back to us) to help us fundraise for rural and regional communities.

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