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Privacy Statement


Vendor or Client: The person or entity making goods or services available through our service.

Customer: The person purchasing goods or services from the Vendor through our services.

We, Us, Water Sprite: Refer to the Australian incorporated legal entity Water Sprite Pty Ltd, ACN 007 165 497.

General Privacy statement

Water Sprite Pty Ltd is the owner and operator of various websites and online systems using the domains "" and "" and associated subdomains. As part of the operation of these sites and systems, we collect a wide variety of information about visitors to, and users of, our sites. We use that information for a variety of purposes connected with the operation of the websites and systems.

Except as provided for by this document, Water Sprite will never release any information about visitors or users of these websites or systems to any other person in a manner that would disclose the identity of individual visitors or users.

The policies

Payment Information

We collect credit-card numbers, bank account details and payment preferences as a regular part of carrying on our business as payment processors. That information is only ever used for processing a payment that we believe has been authorised by you. Specifically, your choice of payment option and (if applicable) any account details or credit-card numbers will not be made available to any Vendor. Please note that the amount of your payment will be made available to the respective Vendor, as will the exact nature of the goods or services you have ordered.

Email Addresses

Water Sprite Pty Ltd will use your email address to contact you concerning your use of our systems. Our use may include (but is not limited to):

Water Sprite are strongly opposed to spamming. Your email address will never be sold or released to anyone except a Vendor from which you have made a purchase. Your email address is almost invariably made available to your Vendor.

While Water Sprite will permit bulk emails to be sent to all Customers who have purchased from a particular Vendor, such emails must be directly relevant to the purchase. Water Sprite do not condone the use of our systems for sending unsolicited advertising material.

Water Sprite will never add you to an email list hosted or run by us without your explicit prior permission for each and every list. This includes any lists we operate on behalf of a Vendor.

Names, addresses, and telephone numbers

Water Sprite Pty Ltd may use this information to contact you concerning your payment or order.

Where Water Sprite are undertaking responsibility for the delivery of goods or services, Water Sprite may use this information to carry out the delivery, including making this information available to another party for the purposes of delivery.

Water Sprite may provide this information to a person contracted to provide goods or services to you on our behalf, where that is reasonably required to allow that person to provide those goods or services to you.

Water Sprite may also use this information to perform identity checks in order to reduce the incidence of fraud. This may include making phone calls to the provided number to verify the identity of the recipient or sending unsolicited mail requesting confirmation of identity.

Except as provided for above, this information will not be sold or made available to anyone except a Vendor from which you have made a purchase.

Other Information.

All our online systems provide extensive tracking of information entered, the IP number, and other browser provided information. We collect this information to enable us to identify and rectify problems with our systems, and to monitor and assist with the tracking of fraudulent activity. A subset of this information is published by our site monitoring software and is viewable by our staff and by staff of our hosting provider. This information does permit the identification of specific IP addresses.

Aggregate Data

Water Sprite may publish agregate data collected from information provided by Customers. This publication will not, either alone or with other publications from Water Sprite, provide sufficient information to enable the identification of a specific individuals buying habits or personal information.

Exceptions to the policies

The Legal Obligation exception

There may be situations under the laws of Australia (or another country) where we have an obligation under law to release certain information. Where we believe that the law does apply to information we hold, we will release that information in accordance with those laws.

In addition, we may voluntarily release any information to a law enforcement agency of this or another country where we believe that information would be of direct assistance in solving a crime under the laws of that country.

Where we believe that information held by us is direct evidence of a fraud or an attempted fraud, we may voluntarily release that information to a financial institution for the specific purpose of allowing them to pursue investigations into the fraud or attempted fraud.

We do not have to ask your permission or give you any notification that we will do, or have done, any of the above - unless that is specifically required by law.

The Vendor Use exception

It is necessary in almost all circumstances for us to provide substantial portions of the information you provide to us to the Vendor from which you are ordering goods or services. While the release of that information will be done only in accordance with the policies set out above, once that information has been released to the Vendor, Water Sprite have no control over what use the vendor will make of that information. These policies do not operate to make Water Sprite in any way responsible or liable for actions of a Vendor.

In addition, it may be necessary to provide information to third parties in order to fulfil our obligations to you. Examples of this are the provision of information to our suppliers for the purposes of them supplying goods or services on our behalf. While the release will be done only in accordance with the policies set out above, once the information has been released Water Sprite have no control over what use those third parties will make of that information. These policies do not operate to make Water Sprite in any way responsible or liable for the actions of any third party.

The Hosted Websites exception

Nothing in these policies is to be read as implying that Water Sprite is in any way responsible or liable for information collected by other people. This includes information collected through the operation of websites or online systems on hosting provided by us, or using domainname space provided by us.

Legal Stuff

This privacy statement is a statement of intent and does not constitute a binding agreement between Water Sprite and any other person. No legal liability arises for any breach or purported breach of this statement.

If you believe we, or a vendor using our systems, has breached this statement, please contact us urgently at complaints(at), giving as much detail as you can of the alleged breach.

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