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Online Sales and Ticketing Services.

The benefits of using Water Sprite for your sales:

A safe, simple, no fuss solution

Our business is set up to provide you with a no fuss solution to your sales needs. Online sales, mail order sales, convention sales - We do it! All customer payments go straight into our trust account until payment is transferred to you, giving you peace of mind. You can focus on the meat of your business - marketing and developing your products.

Payment Options

Our systems currently support payment by a number of methods, with more planned. Current and planned payment methods are:

No minimum volumes

That's right. For most of our services, with the exception of in-person sales, we don't require you to make a minimum number of sales. You sell 1 widget every 5 years? No problem! This also means no exclusive agreements.

We do the shipping

Less hassle for you. We ship the product direct to the customer. We can negotiate better rates because of our higher volumes, passing those savings on to your customer. Your customer gets our guarantee that their money stays in our trust account until the product ships to them. Safe and simple.

Control and ownership for you

We are acting as your agents. This means:

Fixed fees

The fee to you for our sales service is a single fixed fee per sale. This fee is usually in the range of 4% to 7% of total sale value. We charge the customer a packing and handling fee. The amount of this fee varies depending on the size, weight and type of item being sold. If required, to cover the cost of storing your product in our warehouse, there is a monthly warehousing fee. The amount of this fee will vary with the volume of your goods in our warehouse.


All information between your computer and ours is encrypted, so there is little chance of someone eavesdropping on the link and stealing personal, business or financial information. Customer payment information is not accessible through the online system, and is not provided to the seller. The only personal information passed to the seller is name and address information.

We do not, and will not, consider providing any information to other parties (except as indicated above).

About the service

The Online Shop is a multi-purpose online sales system. Powered by the powerful open-source Interchange software, it is be ready for anything!

Conditions of sale and use of our service

If you plan to sell or purchase through the service, you should read our Conditions of Sale and use. That document contains some important information that you need to know. In particular, you need to be aware that, although Water Sprite Pty Ltd is operating this service, we do not control the products available, or their pricing. These details are handled by the supplier (listed on some screens as the "Vendor"). In the event that you have a dispute with the Vendor about any of these matters, we will assist you with contacting the vendor, but cannot do anything more.

If you are interested in making use of our service, please contact us.

Help us raise more money for community projects!

By clicking on the "aShopFor" link below, and purchasing through the huge collection of online retailers available using the links provided, those retailers pay us a contribution (the amount is listed). We are putting 100% of money raised in this way to boost money raised with our Profit Promise. You do not need to be a Water Sprite customer, or be in any other way associated with us. Feel free to pass this link on to other people (in its entirety, so the payments come back to us) to help us fundraise for rural and regional communities.

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