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Our Web design philosophy

Also known as: Why have we decided to produce such primitive web pages?

The answer is simple, really. Graphics can add a lot to the communication of ideas. More often then not, however - at least in web pages - they are just "eye candy" - unnecessary material for you to download.

This site was designed with the intention of providing you (our prospective customers and clients) with as much information as possible about our operations. When the information you are really seeking can be much more easily (and quickly) provided through the use of plain, ordinary text, we have elected to use text. We have prettied it up using simple colour and layout tricks using the wonders of CSS2, but we have not significantly increased the bandwidth in doing so. Indeed, on most pages (except the online shop) the only graphic on the page is the Water Sprite logo, and it should be in your browser cache by now....

Where we do use graphics, we have attempted to keep the number to a minimum, and to re-use them across multiple pages, so they can (after the initial load) be loaded out of your browsers cache, for a minimum of time and bandwidth consumption.

Further, unlike many web pages now, ours (as much as possible) are cache-enabled. Unfortunately, due to the dynamic nature of the information, the database-driven pages in the online shop and payments systems are not cachable.

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our web pages within this philosophy, we welcome them. Suggestions should be sent to info(at)

Help us raise more money for community projects!

By clicking on the "aShopFor" link below, and purchasing through the huge collection of online retailers available using the links provided, those retailers pay us a contribution (the amount is listed). We are putting 100% of money raised in this way to boost money raised with our Profit Promise. You do not need to be a Water Sprite customer, or be in any other way associated with us. Feel free to pass this link on to other people (in its entirety, so the payments come back to us) to help us fundraise for rural and regional communities.

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